Hypertermia in the treatment of chronic diseases

Hyperthermia is a method of therapeutic treatment of chronic diseases, consisting in raising the temperature of tissue within the body to the levels characteristic for human’s fever.

In medicine, this method has been known since ancient times and was wrote about by Hippocrates.

Clinical studies have confirmed that usage of Hyperthermia: damages or even completely destroys the tumors cells, destroys the cells of bacteria and stimulates actively the immune system.

Hyperthermia does not destroy healthy tissues and as such is non-invasive therapeutic method, non-toxic, painless and does not require a hospital stay.

The universality of hyperthermia is confirmed, among others, by more than 3,000 scientific publications in professional medical press. Doctors, applying in practice Hyperthermia’s method, exchange their experiences in European Society of Oncology (ESHO) http://www.esho2015.org/

Hyperthermia is already widely used in nearly 300 medical clinics in Germany.

Hyperthermia is used in complex therapy of chronic diseases and is used, among others, in the treatment of:

  • Lyme Borreliosis,
  • Cancer,
  • Pain (chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, nerve pain and migraines),
  • High blood pressure,
  • Excessive muscle tension,
  • Arthritis,
  • Rheumatism,
  • Ankylosing spondylitis,
  • Allergic rhinitis,
  • Bronchial asthma,
  • Atopic dermatitis,
  • Detoxification in environmental medicine,
  • Regeneration and rehabilitation in sports medicine.

Hyperthermia and Oncology

Hyperthermia is adjunct to cancer therapy. It is primarily used in combination with chemotherapy, chemo-radiotherapy and radiotherapy. Scientific researches show a significant increase in efficacy in combination with radiotherapy or chemotherapy compared to standard treatment. Because of the demonstrated base of biological interaction (both in combination with most of cytostatic drugs and ionizing radiation) and lack of toxicity in hyperthermia treatments, the benefit from the application can derive each patient with cancer. It is used in all advanced tumors, as well as in metastases and relapses. Good results are achieved in hyperthermia application of the palliative therapy. In patients who have already received the maximum dose of conventional therapies it is a noticeable positive effect even in ordinary treatment of pain.

The therapeutic effect of hyperthermia is based on the strengthening of some self-defense mechanisms of the body’s immune system.

A side effect of chemotherapy is often weakness of the body and its immune system. For many patients hyperthermia is able to compensate for this side effect by running additional processes of self-defense of the body. The most important of these processes are the activation of NK cells (stands. Natural Killer). These cells are produced in the human body, and their task is to destroy other cells by NK recognized as hostile – to eliminate. NK cells are activated to this activity by a particular type of protein Hsp70 (Heat Shock Protein). This protein occurs selectively on the surface of human cancer cells, but not on the surface of healthy cells. NK cells activated by TKD (Hsp70 peptide) / IL-2 (interleukin 2) damages the cancers surrounded by a membrane protein Hsp70. This type of NK cells include T cells, such as CD8 + lymphocytes. There are extensive reports that infiltration of lymphocytes into the cancer tissues is crucial for suppression of cancer and has a positive effect on many types of cancer. Numerous studies indicate that the CD8 + T cell infiltration in the micro-environment of the cancer is an immune mechanism beneficial for the patients. CD8 + lymphocytes are able to directly kill cancerous cells.

When the CD8 + lymphocytes are treated with moderate hyperthermia (39.5 °C), there is an increase of the antigen production of IFN-γ and occurs damage of the cancer cells, as compared to the conditions of lower temperatures.

Hyperthermia and hypertension

Research conducted in 1989-1993 revealed that cyclic application of whole-body hyperthermia treatments effectively reduces excessive blood pressure: systolic pressure decreases on average 22 mmHg and diastolic blood pressure decreases 12 mm Hg, with no side effects of any clinical significance.


hipWe use in our clinic hyperthermia Equipment IRATHERM®1000 made by Von Ardenne. It is the result of dozen or so years of research conducted by its creators, Manfred von Ardenne, a German researcher in the field of physics. Thanks to improved technology, the radiators of the patient’s body is subjected to only the action of the infrared band A. This allows to raise the patient’s body temperature to 40 °C in a record time of about 60 minutes.

Compared to similar devices of other producers, IRATHERM®1000 has the shortest time required to achieve the target temperature as well as provides greater comfort for the patient. Patient is placed without any clothes on a comfortable grid under mild thermal cover with foil. Thermal film is further supported by IRADom frame so that, in the case of several hours a session in cancer therapy, the patient has an greater freedom of movement during the treatment. Patient’s sweat is optimally discharged, and access to the ward medical staff is unlimited during the whole treatment.

IRATHERM®1000 is supplied as standard with control and measuring apparatus called IRACom® and dedicated software.

There are some 70 IRATHERM apparatus in Europe, most of them in Germany. Wide range of IRATHERM application determines that it’s used by oncological, rheumatological, neurological and cardiology clinics.

IRATHERM®1000 has a European certificate of authorization CE0494 for admission to medical products trading.

The software enables the visualization and documentation of the most important data regarding treatment of hyperthermia, i.e. 3 temperature measurement, pulse and  oxygen saturation measurement, control of 6 radiators, treatment time, treatment parameters, login registry, print and export data.

Interesting facts

Hyperthermia in the original meaning is defined as a state of increased body temperature, which induced artificially and under the supervision of specialists, has healing effects.

Artificial raising temperature of part of the body is not a new method. It’s been known in medicine since ancient times. This method has been described in papyri and was already mentioned Hippocrates.

In modern times it was abandoned to be re-discovered in 1866. Then a German doctor Busch described cases of spontaneous, not caused by any treatment, regression of soft tissue sarcoma in the course of high fever, which was caused by a bacterial infection of the body.

Thirty years later, at a time when Wilhelm Roentgen discovered artificial radioactivity and Maria Skłodowska-Curie discovered natural radiation, hyperthermia was already tried to heal cervical cancer in Germany. Thus, Germany is regarded as a source of modern hyperthermia, which for decades is undergoing its renaissance.

Currently, hyperthermia is used as one of the main pillars of the proceedings in oncology and is carried out in more than 260 medical clinics. It’s routinely associated with some radiotherapy programs in the Netherlands, Italy and the USA. In many university centers in the world it is used as combined therapy of hyperthermia, chemotherapy and immunotherapy.

Registration and Pricing

You can register:

  • at 11a Narwicka Str. in Gdańsk
  • call us at +48 535 931 931

Registration is open from Monday to Friday from 8:00 till 18:00.

Qualification for hyperthermia treatment is possible in three ways:

  • A patient is treated at our clinic and during his regular visits our doctor qualifies him / her for therapy,
  • A patient can make an appointment qualifying for hyperthermia therapy,
  • A patient receives an order for hyperthermia therapy from a doctor outside of our clinic.

The cost of treatment depends on type of disease and the number ordered treatments.

Lyme borreliosis
Arterial hypertension
Chronic back pain
Fibromyalgia syndrome
Psoriatic Arthritis
Arthritis of joints and spine
Ankylosing spondylitis
Systemic scleroderma
Number of treatments (in standard therapy)
According to doctors’ recommendation
According to doctors’ recommendation
8 treatments (2 per week or every second day)
7 treatments (1 per week)
6 treatments (2 per week or every 2 days or 6 days in a row)
6 treatments (within 8 days or 6 days in a row)
6 treatments (2 per week)
6 treatments (within 8 days or 6 days in a row)
15 treatments (2 per week or every 2 days)
Price (per 1 treatment)
Single 1700zl / 400 euro
Series 1300zl / 300 euro
Single 1700zl / 400 euro
Series 1300zł / 300 euro
Single 700zl / series 600zl
Single 1300zl / series 1100zl
Single 1300zl / series 1100zl


On what basis a patient is qualified for hyperthermia therapy?

It is possible after the positive result of medical consultation with our doctor in our clinic or with another doctor at another clinic.

How hyperthermia treatment is carried out?

Patient lies on the hyperthermia bed, his / her body temperature is raised to target temperature from a rage of 38.5 to 40.5 °C, strictly according to the doctor’s recommendation. Target temperature is reached within 45 to 60 minutes.

After reaching the target temperature it is followed by the actual treatment phase, which lasts up to several hours, during which the temperature of the patient is maintained at the level indicated by the doctor.

In the final phase a patient’s body temperature is lowered to his / her natural temperature that it had before the treatment.

After treatment a patient goes into relaxation room, where he / she can rest and relax after treatment before leaving our clinic.

How long does hyperthermia therapy last?

The entire therapy is decided by our doctor who specifies individually for each and every patient: a target body temperature during treatment, duration of a single treatment and the total number of treatments throughout the therapy.

What are the conditions to receive treatment in our clinic?//chowane

In order to receive treatment in our clinic you need to make an appointment to see a doctor. He decides whether there are not contraindications for the treatment of hyperthermia. If a patient is qualified for the hyperthermia therapy then our doctor prepares an individualized therapy plan for the patient.

Can I use hyperthermia during treatment with other treatments e.g. chemotherapy and radiotherapy?

Hyperthermia is used during chemotherapy and radiotherapy. In some clinics, hyperthermia is used even during chemotherapy and / or radiotherapy. It improves the effect of treatment by 40%.

What types of cancer are susceptible to hyperthermia treatment?

Hyperthermia can be used for all types of cancer except the blood cancer.

Does hyperthermia cures pain?

Yes, hyperthermia cures various types of pain. It is particularly effective in treating chronic back pain, fibromyalgia, nerve pain and migraines.

Are hyperthermia treatments painful?

Hyperthermia does not destroy healthy tissues and is a noninvasive therapeutic method, it’s also non-toxic and painless.

Does hyperthermia require hospitalization?

No, hyperthermia does not require a to stay in a hospital.

How a patient should prepare himself for hyperthermia treatment?

The treatment does not require any preparation by a patient before hyperthermia treatment.

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